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Well, what can we say; 'if it's near Marbella then it needs to be NearMarbella!'.

We are fun, versatile & useful network and we love to get involved with what’s going on, document where it’s at and generally help everybody we can in the process. Connecting people whether socially or in business is our business and if you are looking to be seen then we make it happen. Trust our 26 years experience on the coast to get what you want. Whether you are starting a business, looking to interact or you just want to hang out with others, you can do all these and more right here. We try to verify listings where possible because if we trust something, then you can, but feel free follow us and join in with our discussions, debates and capture of everything we possibly can. If you would like to ask us a question about anything on the Costa del Sol then drop us a message anytime :)




Brilliant site, ive seen many marbella websites come and go over the years and i really hope this one stays
Mark Newton  -  Marbella

Very helpful.  nice experience and will certainly be calling Elena again

Edward Collins - London
Great fun and thank you for making our holiday one to remember, we all had such a great time hope to see you in Dublin.
Tommy O'brien  -  Puerto Banus

I always check here before flying out for my holidays. it saves me loads of time when im there that can be used doing fun stuff

Sarah Jane Stone  -  Marbella
we found all the resourses we needed to keep the kids occupied during the school holiday, very usefil site, I recommend NearMarbella
Charlie Eldridge & Family  -  Estepona
It is a pleasure to be part of the local community and now also part of the NearMarbella community. With an abundant amount of businesses, services and events all fighting for pole position during the short summer season here, it is wonderful to use Nearmarbella’s resources to check them out before parting with money. The small company I was planning on using to fit a new kitchen were not listed anywhere in particular, so I added it here and sat back as others commented as to its reliability amongst other things. It is truly amazing to be part of the development of an online community that is tailored to our personalised needs here in Marbella, rather than simply compiled from inaccurate data as in many of the large social networks. Thank you Nearmarbella, I am pleased to say that I am a member.
Linda Slee  -  Nueva Andalucia

Brilliant site, found what I was looking for with ease and then noticed a considerable increase in enquiries to my own business when I added it here, so just had to add this thank you, nearmarbella rocks!

Jack Patterson  -  Marbella



Thanks for using NearMarbella :)

remember it's you that makes it happen... 



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