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The result of the allergy–antibody interaction includes inflammatory and immune changes that, in turn, lead to symptoms potentially affecting the eyes, nose, sinuses, skin, and lungs. There were 484,000 hospitalizations for treatment of asthma in 2002. Asthma is the third ranking cause of hospitalization among children younger than 15 years of age. There were 4,261 deaths from asthma reported in 2002. 5 deaths per 1 million children in 2004. Total asthma-related health costs are estimated at $14 billion annually.

19. Can asthma permanently damage my child’s lungs? Yes, asthma could cause permanent changes to your child’s lungs and yes, modern asthma treatment strives to prevent such damage as much as possible. Asthma specialists believe that the goal of appropriate asthma treatment thus includes control and prevention of asthma symptoms along with normalization of lung function to as great a degree as possible. A major objective of current asthma management is thus the preservation of lung function and the prevention of permanent lung dysfunction.

21. I have heard that some children may outgrow their asthma. Is it possible to determine whether my child will be one of those children? Many pediatricians erroneously equate the disappearance of asthma symptoms over time with what they term “outgrowing” asthma, as discussed further in Question 22. There is no way to know in advance if any particular child will stop experiencing asthma symptoms. Certain historical facts and clinical clues may however provide your physician with enough information for him to hazard an educated guess as to the likelihood of symptoms lessening over time.

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