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By William C. Clarke

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Only that possesses the effrontery to create such vastness, fathomless voids enclosing incalculable galaxies, incubating the infinite paths, the openings for choice, my yearning to pray. A Momentary Stay 31 Jesuitical Of ‘disordered affections’ did Loyola really bid his followers to purge their souls? A tall order since the last thing we want to be rid of is them. Not them: they play such vivacious roles on the feature screens of our senses offering opulent entertainment for a trifling entrance fee.

In libraries neatly aligned volumes sag the shelves fodder for bookworms, the words failing to explain their own assembled stasis. In the world poverty propagates, crime climbs, economies debilitate, health statistics sicken, the soil slides down slope beneath the dearth of a bird’s song. Intervention is supplicated, implementation stumbles, theories prove unequal to their task, policies are not initiated, regulations cower unapplied until the too-hard basket overflows, away into the amnesiac swamp.

Talk begins again, intellect resumes, dew mists the cylinders of drink, a synchrony of murmurs and shrill opinion backdrops her absence. Sequestered from conviviality, their eyes green like stars, dark animals dart past rough-barked trees, a cold stream sheets the shape of stones, its water flowing to an estranging sea. 28 A Momentary Stay In Life In life Clifford never missed a step nor tripped on curbs Now dead he flees weaponless from disgruntled gods A Momentary Stay 29 My Father once helped me with my arithmetic and because he was an engineer became exasperated when I didn’t catch on quickly nor rightly see how numbers should be reckoned but did he I wonder now grasp how much I liked sitting beside him nonetheless 30 A Momentary Stay Sometimes I don’t know how the God I don’t believe in judges me who is so sure it all began with that Big Bang, inexplicable, a universe out of nothing for no purpose.

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