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Microscopic control has shown that over 95% of the visible cells is removed practically undamaged from a smooth fouled surface. Fouling should be washed off into sterile water. It should cover the bottom of a crystallizer or another vessel with a layer not more than 5 cm thick. , bacteria) to reach the bottom and adhere to it during self-assembly (12 to 24 h). If the quantity of detritus in the microfouling suspension is very great it may completely cover the bottom, which will make adherence of microorganisms difficult or even impossible.

A similar sequence (bacteria, unicellular algae, protozoa) was noted for metal surfaces in the review by Little and Wagner (1997). Thus, in accordance with the published data, the following stages are characteristic of succession of marine microfouling: bacterial, autotrophic, and heterotrophic (protozoan). It is of interest that development of microperiphyton in fresh waters passes through the same common stages (Cairns, 1982b). The above generalization holds for marine and fresh waters on hard substrates of different kinds and different surface properties (Little and Wagner, 1997).

The phenomenological resemblance of colonization processes in micro- and macroorganisms is conditioned by: 1. 1) 2. A common environment, which determines the conditions of transport by the current, settlement, attachment, nutrition, and growth 3. The presence of a hard surface as a substrate 4. The limited surface area of the hard substrate, due to which its colonization follows the island model (MacArthur and Wilson, 1967) 28 Marine Biofouling: Colonization Processes and Defenses Although the colonization processes have been called elementary, in reality, they consist of simpler ones.

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