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By Revilo P. Oliver

From a speech through Dr. Revilo P. Oliver,
University of Illinois Professor of the Classics,
in March, 1959, sooner than the


Annual Illinois country Convention

Supplementary notes are supplied to document
and, in a number of cases, to extend and explain
statements made within the speech on March 12, 1959.

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By indiscriminate subsidies to higher education) or the higher-paid urban workers (who enjoy privileged access to welfare services). The incomes ofthese elite groups, especially capital gains, may largely escape taxation. An obvious question is why political leaders of the core in these 14 Integration and Unequal Development continents do not prefer policies to be found in Western Europe that would create demand for the products of their industry, prevent the rural population flooding into the core, and guard against economic recession and social upheaval.

This formed the basis for the 'comparative advantage' principle and its theoretical elaborations thereafter; '... in each era, the rules for international economic relations are moulded to suit the views of the country that is then the most powerful. ,13 The significant productivity gains and economies of scale, the dilution of risk through geographic and product diversification, the oligopoly opportunities of size and the control of markets and inputs, were soon exploited through foreign direct investments by what came to be called transnational enterprises.

19 This is true even of Britain. While it is still an exporter of capital and technology, its technological and cultural dependence is Unequal Development at Different Spatial Levels 19 evidenced by (he prevalence of foreign-made machinery, consumer goods and cultural artefacts (e. g. films), and the high share of TNEs in investment. 2o The alleged dynamic effects of integration (the neo-classical hope) are inherently difficult to measure, since its impact cannot be studied in isolation from other factors, notably changes in the remainder of the world economy.

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