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3 Moreover, the case of the prosecution came 2 3 Christina Bewley, Muir of Huntershill (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 1981), 68–9. Cited in Bewley, Muir, 71–2. William Cobbett, A Complete Collection of State Trials and 40 Scotland and the French Revolutionary War, 1792–1802 to rely heavily on the questionable testimony of Annie Fisher, a former scullery maid in the Muir household. Fisher had not attended any meeting, nor had she been a member of any society, and she could therefore not say anything about Muir’s public activities.

120 Malcolm J. 121 By branding all reformers as potential revolutionaries who aimed at the overthrow of the state, and prosecuting political radicals for the crimes of sedition and treason, the government was not only guilty of gross, deliberate, and unfair exaggeration, but was also driving the reform movement underground and thereby forcing many reformers to adopt more extreme policies than they otherwise would have done. 122 Whatever its aims, the government must clearly have faced a dilemma because, by implementing its repressive policies, Pitt’s administration was effectively setting aside some of those very principles it claimed to be defending.

Fos. 126–9, Robert Dundas to the Duke of Portland, Edinburgh, 10 Feb. 1798. , fos. ] Place, 12 Feb. 1798. 118 On Charles James Fox, see Emsley, ‘An aspect of Pitt’s “Terror”’, 155. ­ The Government of Scotland in the 1790s 33 of a reign of terror. In his view, the ‘repressive’ legislation did not amount to the appropriation of any ‘new or arbitrary power’ on the behalf of Pitt’s administration, nor was it ever the government’s intention to ‘change the rules of the game’. 119 Frank O’Gorman has also emphasised the temporary nature of the legislation which was implemented­– the Seditious Meetings Act, for example, was passed for a duration of three years only­– and has argued that ‘although the government was prepared to take draconian measures to discipline domestic radicalism, it was not prepared to endanger the constitution in so doing’.

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AMICAL A1 Méthode de français by Sylvie Poisson-Quinton - Evelyne Siréjols

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