Todd Telander's Animal Tracks: A Falcon Field Guide PDF

By Todd Telander

ISBN-10: 0762794860

ISBN-13: 9780762794867

Animal Tracks highlights eighty-eight of the commonest and sought-after mammal, chicken, reptile, and amphibian species in North the USA. unique illustrations and outlines make it effortless to spot animal tracks within the yard and past. each one species is observed via an in depth directory of its favorite attributes and representation of its tune. this can be the basic resource within the box.

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The claws are long on the front foot, slightly shorter on the rear, and prominent in the track. The metacarpal pads are fused with clear lobes, arranged in a loose arc shape, with additional proximal pads on the front foot and a separate, cleaved heel pad on the rear. The print stays compact with toes that rarely splay apart. indd 45 3/23/12 1:12 PM MAMMALS Mountain Lion (Cougar), Puma concolor Family Felidae (cats) Size/Weight: approx. body 7’ long, tail 2½’ long; approx. 125 lbs. (males larger than females) Range: Throughout western United States; sporadic in the east and Florida Habitat: Open to dense woodlands, brush, cliffs The mountain lion is a reclusive, huge, powerful cat with a long tail that requires a very large territorial range.

22” long with tail; approx. 3 lbs. Range: Throughout the United States except for far southern regions Habitat: Wetland and riparian areas The muskrat is a plump, well-furred, semi-aquatic rodent with characteristics of both a large rat and a beaver. The long tail is mostly hairless with scales and somewhat flattened along the sides to aid in swimming. The color is deep brown to blackish with dense, waterproof hair underneath and coarser guard hairs on the outside. Muskrats may be seen most times of the day, swimming and foraging for aquatic plants and small aquatic animals.

Indd 34 3/23/12 1:12 PM MAMMALS Raccoon, Procyon lotor Family Procyonidae (Ringtails, Raccoons) Size/Weight: approx. 34” long with tail; approx. 20 lbs. Range: Most of the United States except parts of high western mountains Habitat: woodlands, streams or lakesides, urban areas The raccoon is a highly adaptable mammal, equally at home in remote forests or urban centers. It is stocky and heavy with a short, masked face and a bushy coat. Its color is pale gray mixed with black, with a tail ringed black and gray.

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