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  • Name: Steven Jones
  • Position: NearMarbella Franchise Partner  (NearMe - Spain)


  • Info:
    Steve is a nice guy... but we would say that because he's our boss :)



  • Name: Nicki Fuengi
  • Position: NearMarbella Franchise Partner & Manager  (NearMe - Spain)


  • Info:
    Nicki travels extensively for business and pleasure and has an exceptional perception of life from all walks but chooses to base herself in Marbella. She's highly educated and experienced in many fields and sectors of business and slightly hippie so always brings a warm vibe to the table. We would not be around without Nicki's fantastic hands on approach to the running of things and her amazing public relations management and general bond with people. If it involves people... or dogs & wildlife actually, Nicki is the one you want on your team.



  • Name: Rich Brian
  • Position: NearMarbella Franchise Partner & Manager  (NearMe - Spain)


  • Info:
    Rich sees to the more tech side of things, he keeps himself to himself... and as I am actually writing this page myself I think I'll add suave and sophisticated.. hmm yes :)



  • Name: Jemma Jones
  • Position: Administrator


  • Info:
    Jemma is one of the most friendly and organised people you will ever meet. She keeps things running smoothly in the office and is the master at solving tasks with ease. Previously a model, she is known for her looks, fun sense of humour, perfect smile and her ability to make others laugh. Jemma is amazing all round and one of her many areas of expertise is most certainly helping others, we would be lost without her.

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A big "Hi" from all of us :)



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